University Projects

Flash Animation - Year 1: the aim of the project was to create a short Flash animation (1-2 minutes), employing ActionScript to explore interactivity and using sound/music. My project: Beatboxing Cats that you can interact with; simply click on a cat to turn it on or off!
Flash Animation - Year 2: This is another flash project that explores interactivity using ActionScript 3.0. As a massive fan of Alice in Wonderland (both the Lewis Carroll book and the 1951 Disney movie), I thought I would make a tribute. Click on the image & enjoy the experience!
Flash animation
Unity3D - Year 2: Kill 'Em All is a game created using Unity3D that embodies my arachnophobia. Your aim is to kill 'em all before the time runs out.
Instructions: Use the spacebar to shoot, and the arrows to move around.
Unity Game Kill 'Em All